Inbound Call Center Services

Ranking as the highest and most preferred customer service channel to date, most customers still continue to use the phone for all their customer care needs. A large number of people still want a live human agent to respond and deal with their needs each time they call a company’s inbound contact center. Excelsia BPO Services Inc. offers call center support for different types of businesses requiring phone agents who speak neutral accent English.

Committed to equipping contact center agents to do more than just manage and answer inbound calls, our agents are specialized and trained to do back office activities such as technical support, order taking, telephone answering service, customer service, reservations, booking, and message transcription.

Compared to setting up shop in your country just to get the right people, outsourcing your foreign language call center to Excelsia BPO makes business more efficient than ever.

• More time to focus on top priorities while someone takes care of finding the right suppliers for internet, office equipment, office materials, and all other things an in-house employee should need.

• Training is made for new hires to ensure they are fully equipped to represent your business via phone.

Focusing on continuous improvement of Core Processes, we have certain packages meant for small businesses that do not need a huge number of agents to do the work.

To know more about Excelsia BPO Services Inc. ’s Inbound Call center solutions for growing businesses, call or email us today.