Help desk Support


Our help desk support team is responsible for providing technical assistance related to computer systems, hardware and software. They possess extensive technical knowledge to assist callers in executing basic troubleshooting measures. Your dedicated team of call center representatives respond to queries, run diagnostic programs and isolate technical problems in order to determine and implement the best solution for each glitch. This process in turn prevents operational downtime and other I.T.-related maintenance issues as well as raise overall customer satisfaction.

Telecom Support Services:

     Tier 1

  • Real-time chat, email and web support
  • Support for functional usage
  • Configuration and installation support

    Tier 2

  • Troubleshooting telecommunication line faults
  • Line fault repairing by sending an on-field repair executive

Technical Support Services:

Tier 1

  • Call logging services
  • Call escalation
  • Information capturing
  • Relaying scripted solutions

Tier 2

  • Instant diagnosis of issues and immediate isolation.
  • System usage advice and guidelines.
  • Escalation management.
  • Database Upgradation assistance.
  • Step-by-step troubleshooting advice.
  • Remote IT Support Services.
  • Mac and Linux OS administration and configuration support.
  • Installing enterprise software remotely and updating them regularly so they don’t run obsolete.
  • Remote administration and maintenance of servers.
  • Complete initial configuration and setting up of routers, firewalls and additional security measures.
  • Server installation and maintenance.
  • Multi desktop management.

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